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We are specialised in Industrial products. For more details please visit our products catalogue on the website or send us an enquiry at


Electrical Control Panels required for HVAC, Engineering, Power Distribution and Process Industries. Complete control panel systems / distribution panels


Machined Casting, Sheet Metal assembly & hot forged components. Companion flanges , Gear Carrier, Rear and Front Wheel Hub, Case Differential (Integral as well as Split), Tube Yoke, Flange Yoke, Brackets and many more parts for various applications such as Tractors, SUV, MUV & Car Segments in various grades from 450 to 800 including 900 grade.


Packaging: Wide range of packaging solutions, packaging materials like Corrugated Boxes, Shipper Cartons; Duplex Boxes; Industrial multi-Colour Offset Printing, wooden pallets and all type of adhesive Labels including Export packaging solutions.


Moulded Rubber: Brake Seals, Mats, Rubber Sheet, Valves, Diaphragm, Bellows, Gasket


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