Silicon Coolant Hoses (OAT Hoses)

Extended life anti-freeze coolants which are extremely corrosive, require hoses of specially designed materials.  Using normal blue coolant hoses of the standard material for these coolants will result in premature failures.

The protective layer laid by Pure OAT coolants depletes only very slowly.  Coolant life is typically between 200,000 to 400,000 kilometers.

There are three options for resistance to OAT coolants.  They are:


4-ply reinforced Silicone. The ‘special’ reinforcement is capable of withstanding the gases which permeate the silicone liner and can damage the ‘polyester’ fabrics.  Hence, the liner and the fabric are designed to withstand these gasses for extended periods.  Typical temperature range: -50 to + 215 degrees Celsius.


A special grade of EPDM reinforced with 1-ply Aramid.  This option can only withstand -40 to +150 degrees Celsius; however, it scores over the BOLT, when it comes to resistance to potassium/sodium 2-ethylhexanoic acids, which are sometimes present in OAT coolants.  Wrapped options also available with multiple fabric layers.


BOLT + is designed with an impermeable inner liner, which can give the hose an even longer life than the BOLT, as the gases that can permeate the ‘silicon’ liner, cannot permeate this special ‘inner’ liner.  The common misconception in the market is that an inner liner of Fluorosilicone adds to the protection.  However, as per our testing, potassium/sodium 2-ethylhexanoic acids deplete the Fluorosilicone liner also.  Our ‘special’ inner liner, hence, has been designed to withstand the harshest of chemicals/gases.  Typical temperature range: 25 to +225 degrees Celsius.


Silicon Coolant Hoses (OAT Hoses)


Silicon Coolant Hoses (OAT Hoses)


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